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Date: 25th August 2016
Bent Tempered Laminated Insulating Glass
Kunxing Glass Mirror Products Co,.Ltd is one of the leading bent tempered laminated insulating glass manufacturers in China, welcome to buy bent tempered laminated insulating glass from our factory.Curved glass manufacture is a time-consuming, highly specialized job.1. Cut the sheet of glass to size and then clean and polish it, using a UV lamp to check for dust or impurities (any rogue particles would cause the glass to crack or shatter).2. A steel mould is shaped to the curve radius and dimensions of the desired piece.3. To stop the pane sticking to the mould, the glass is painted with a mixture of detergent and calcium carbonate.4. Glass is placed on the mould and loaded into the kiln. Cranking up the heat to 700?C, it will be hot enough to loosen the bonds between the silica molecules so that the glass starts to soften and bend to the profile of the mould. Once in shape, the glass is gradually cooled over a period of about two hours.